I have a double pass to a performance of  Minerva Theatre Co.’s DETOX as part of the Fringe Brisbane Festival, 7:30pm Saturday 22 October at Hayward Street Theatre, Stafford

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After being dumped, Genie embarks on a 12 week challenge to improve her health and well-being. This quest pushes her to be faced with dodgy diets, quacky influencers, toxic friends and swamp juice. The lines between healthy and unhealthy begin to blur. Loved ones become concerned, but Genie’s sidekick always has an excuse ready. To save herself, Genie must uncover the true meaning of health, and cut ties with a very toxic friend. This absurd, dramatic comedy explores the effects of diet and influencer culture on young people. Detox helps viewers understand the beginnings of eating disorders and how diet and influencer culture allow these illnesses to flourish undetected.

Sprinkled throughout are goofy songs and balanced with verbatim statements from people who have been affected by diet and wellness culture. Formerly Bourke & Heather, Minerva TheatreCo.are passionate about discussing uncomfy things through comedy. Premiering at the 2022 Anywhere Festival, Detox was critically acclaimed-many audience members urged Minerva to spread Detox’s message far and wide. Detox has been extended and adapted to be more relatable to all genders and is described as “an effective takedown of diet culture” (TheatreHaus,2022).

Thanks to Minerva Theatre Co.

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