I have 2 double pasess to a performance of Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble’s MACBETH, valid for any show from 16-20 November at the Fringe Brisbane Hub, South Brisbane.

For your chance to win a double pass,
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4) Let me know: “Do let fate take its course, or do you like to take it in your own hands?”

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Season running 11 – 27 NOVEMBER


Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Power hungry warrior and Machiavellian murderess or grief-stricken parents with a painful void to fill?

Returning home from a bloody but victorious battle, Macbeth is met by the Weird Sisters who foretell that he will become King of Scotland. Emboldened by this prediction, the Macbeths take fate into their own hands, murder King Duncan and take the crown.

But the crown sits uneasily and their initial act of ambition and unquenchable desire for power set off a catastrophic series of events that once in motion, cannot be stopped.

Don’t miss out on the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble’s first ever staged production of this dark psychological thriller! 

For full details and show times head to

Thanks to the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble

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There are many things that affect me and I have no control over. However, if it possible to have a positive effect on my life, or on those I love, I try my hardest to get that result.
I can control my own destiny but not my fate.

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