The Bluff

I have a double pass to a performance of your choice of THE BLUFF, any of our performances on Thursday 3rd Nov 6:30pm, Friday 4th November 6:30pm and Saturday 5th November 6pm at Hayward Street Theatre, Stafford

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4) Let me know: Are you one to bury your misgivings and move on, or to work through them?

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The Bluff transports you to a seaside town at the bottom of Australia, where ladies gather in the tearoom of the church charity shop as their familiar world whirls around them like clockwork. When the pillar of the town Charles Fortsmith goes missing, his wife is left to face the community he left behind. She must decide between hope and truth, undeterred by the watchful eye of righteous neighbours.

Watch as the salty air erodes the town’s comfortable facade, and the grotesque underbelly is revealed. An examination of what we bury to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

Thanks to The Drawer Productions

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