The Amazing Maurice

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In Cinemas JANUARY 12


From the legendary Terry Pratchett comes a furry tale with a whiff of intrigue.

Rats! They’re everywhere… In the breadbins, dancing across the tabletops, stealing pies from under the cook’s noses. So, what does every town need? A good piper to lure them away. That’s where Maurice, a streetwise tomcat with the perfect money-making scam, comes in. Everyone has heard of the stories about the pied piper and the town full of rodents. So, Maurice has found his very own pied piper and a plague of rats to trick gullible townsfolk into giving him lots of cash. All is going well until they arrive in the far-flung village of Bad Blintz where they meet a book obsessed girl called Malicia, who enlists their help to solve the mystery of her town …

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I love galahs, they are funny characters that talk back in their own whistles and chirps and have fun in their groups.

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