The Great Gatsby: an Immersive Theatre Experience

I have a double pass to a performance of your choice of THE GREAT GATSBY: AN IMMERSIVE THEATRE EXPERIENCE, at 75 Longland St, Newstead.  

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From the team at Viral Ventures (Beyond Cinema, Wonderland Bar, The Wizard’s Den) comes an exciting theatrical production like no other.

Inspired by the book by F. Scott Fitzgerald, an immersive adaption of the story has been created that will blur the boundaries of conventional theatre and will allow audiences to explore and immerse themselves into the world of The Great Gatsby through a choose-your-own-adventure-style production that will make everyone’s experience personal and unique.

Ticket-holders inhabit the character of Nick Carroway, as he tells the tragic love story of 1922. A fable of the Jazz Age, of enchantment and illusion, of a world where love and dreams are pursued and betrayed. 

Led by an ensemble cast of the highest calibre Australian actors, this production will offer audiences the opportunity to experience the story of Gatsby as they have never seen it before.

Expect secret rendezvous, dramatic confrontations, bootleg gin and a party that only Gatsby could throw.

Your tickets include the following:

– 2 hours and 20mins of incredible immersive theatre

– Opportunity to explore secret worlds and rooms

– Some of Australia’s finest acting talent

“Action that works from every angle…It is a thoroughly entertaining experience. But is it theatre? Actually, yes.” – Sydney morning Herald

Tickets at:

Thanks to Viral Ventures

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