The Night of the 12th

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In Cinemas OCTOBER 13


Sooner or later, every police investigator comes across a case that remains unsolved and that haunts him. In THE NIGHT OF THE 12TH, Clara’s murder proves to be that case for Yohan. What starts as a thorough investigation into the victim’s life soon turns into a nagging obsession. One interrogation follows another, there is no shortage of suspects, and Yohan has more and more doubts. Only one thing is sure, the crime occurred on the night of the 12th. 

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When I first saw the trailer of this movie, I thought it would just be a typical and by the books thriller film. Safe to say that I was wrong.

The movie was able to keep me interested in general as the plot was immersive and really well put together. The film manages to be unpredictable at times and from the get-go it is creating a very tense and bittersweet ambience. It has been such a long time since a movie made me feel genuinely anxious and worried about characters.

The cinematography was amazing. This movie was shot in the region of Grenoble, a French city surrounded by mountains and they really used the landscapes to their advantage to create a beautiful and colourful movie. The scenery is sometimes breathtaking. Even indoors scenes were amazing.

The acting is great. From small appearance to main character, every actor gives a believable and strong performance.

Unfortunately the movie gets a bit tedious in the last 20 to 30 minutes with less rhythm and believable dialogues to me.

It is still an amazing thriller that keeps you gripped and intrigued for its vast majority. If the last 20 to 30 minutes were handled in a slightly better way, this film would be on point.


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